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Wired To Work 32

Wired-for-Work-BookTarget Point, Vol. 32 of 33   
A Final Word . . .

It may be that you, like so many, have come this far in your search for meaning and purpose and are still having difficulty believing God is real. You have taken this series and perhaps have found many of the things we have discussed interesting, but you still have your doubts. You are not abnormal. We live in a world today that says I'll believe it when I see it. I want to suggest to you that just maybe you will see it WHEN you believe. This is what faith is all about, accepting something even when it does not square with some of our pre-conceived notions.

If the above pertains to you, please look for and order my book, Wired To Work. I believe it will help put many of your questions to rest. And, if you already have an abiding faith in the Lord Jesus, this book will help you too, as It focuses on building Christ-like people-not just Christ-sounding people. You can order the book by logging onto our web-site at www.otm.co or by calling (719) 649-1000. And friend, please do not hesitate to write or e-mail me as to your questions or concerns. You can write Vince D'Acchioli, On Target Ministries, PO Box 890423, Temecula, CA 92589. Or you can e-mail me at vince@otm.co.

Also, as you seek to know and understand more about the HOW and WHY of who we are in Christ, perhaps you have found that you are held back by a certain amount of fear in your life. Please be encouraged to continue knowing and growing by reading our series on Gaining Freedom From Fear found under TargetPoint Devotionals. Perhaps it will help you to further discover any roadblocks in your life.

It would greatly help us to hear from you. Your feed back is absolutely invaluable to us in hearing how this TargetPoint may have helped or strengthened you in some way. After all, that's the point-the TargetPoint! If it is not helpful, it merely joins up with the stream and myriad of information that pounds our nation on a daily basis-from TV, to books, to the internet, and on and on.

Do you have any thoughts for improving our subject matter, our format, our presentation? Do you have a testimony of how a particular TargetPoint may have helped you? With your permission, we would publish your testimony and the blessing and assistance would certainly be multiplied to many others.

And finally, it's important to tell you that our desire is to continue to offer the TargetPoint ministry FREE OF CHARGE. The reality is that the cost of developing and producing a single subject is $1200.00. If this has been helpful to you, perhaps you would like to sponsor the cost of a TargetPoint subject for $1200.00; or even a partial amount, translating to $37.50 per volume, or $262.50 for one week's worth. If so, please contact us at 719-649-1000. You can use your credit card or send a check to On Target Ministries and memo it to TargetPoint. Or, just contact us at vince@otm.co and let us know of your desire to help.


Thank you for your support and interest in reaching out to others and assisting in building up the body of Christ.

Vince D'Acchioli
Founder/On Target Ministries

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