Fully Alive:
Becoming The Man God Intended

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Wired To Work 33

Wired-for-Work-BookTarget Point, Vol. 33 of 33   

 The Wired To Work Thirty-Day Action Plan

This thirty-day action plan has been designed to help develop a deeper relationship with God, a greater understanding of how and why He made you, and how to live a life that will make a difference.  It has been structured in a way that incorporates a precept-upon-precept approach. I am convinced that we need to introduce process driven strategies into our life if we are to realize real and sustained growth.

There are several ways in which this material can be used. It could be a daily reading incorporated into your devotional time—a weekly study—or used as a resource for your small group to work through. Here are some ideas for each:

Daily Reading

Keep this with your Bible and other devotional materials and make it a part of your daily reading. Require of yourself to do a further study on the subject by looking up other verses or ideas—perhaps with the help of a concordance or Bible dictionary. Make a note to yourself regarding what you intend to do differently in the action plan section and refer to it often.

Weekly Study

Because some of this material can be very challenging you may want to read a volume once a week in order to give yourself more time to process the life application issues. Enter a more in-depth time of study. List the new behaviors or actions you intend to enter into over the next week—be specific.

Small Group Resource

This action plan is a great resource for your small group to study and discuss during your scheduled meetings. You can all agree on what life application principle you each want to live out and then share the list with each other so that you can hold each member accountable. You may want to make strategic commitments along the way and give everyone permission to check on each other’s progress.


However you may choose to use this resource may God richly bless you in the process.