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Wired To Work 8

Wired-for-Work-BookTarget Point, Vol. 8 of 33   
Today's Verse/Thought: The Power of Praise

The trumpeters and singers joined in unison, as with one voice, to give praise and thanks to the LORD. Accompanied by trumpets, cymbals and other instruments, they raised their voices in praise to the LORD and sang: "He is good; His love endures forever. Then the temple of the LORD was filled with a cloud.  2 Chron. 5:13

Life Implication:
The above verse reminds us that God entered the temple as the direct result of His people praising Him. In the old covenant God would come into a physical place. The good news for us today is that God now resides in our heart. This incredible verse has so much more meaning today. As we praise Him, He comes into our very being.

There is a linkage between praising God and hearing His voice. Praise is mentioned in 319 verses in the bible. It is one of the most often mentioned ideas, yet one of the most misunderstood. God desires worship and praise more then any other thing we can do. He knows that the only way we can truly praise Him is to set ourselves aside...leaving room for Him to move into our lives. It creates a highway that leads to discovering His wonderful plans for us.

Praising God is the only way that we can overcome self and get closer to Him. In James 4:8 the bible says that if we draw near to God-He will draw near to us. Nothing brings us closer to God than praise. If we fail to develop an ongoing habit of praising God then we miss a major connection point with Him.

Life Application:
In the previous volume about quieting our minds we touched on this most important subject of praise. Let's now endeavor to make praise a daily habit. Even before you begin your reading or prayer time-just start to praise Him. Praise is not difficult. Verbalize your love for Him. Tell Him what a good God He is and how much you appreciate knowing Him.

Open the book of Psalms and read aloud verses that praise the Lord. You could even try singing verses from the Psalm to Him. Remember that God doesn't care how well you can carry a tune. He loves your praises-it is a sweet, sweet sound in His ear. After you praise Him for a while it is a good idea to just be quiet and listen for His voice. I find that He often talks to me just after I have spent time praising Him.

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